„My my, Rozemyne. A kind man incapable of plotting or exterminating his enemies is simply no good at all.” - Ferdinand

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What is bookwormstory.social

bookwormstory.social is a server that hosts Lemmy software that mimics behavior of reddit. It enables community to host Our own place for discussion about Ascendance of a Bookworm. But it is more than that, it also has protocol called ActivityPub that connects different servers and their communities. It provides ability to send massages, replays and posts between servers.

Technical Jargon

Instances - Servers hosted by individuals or groups

Communities - Subreddits or places where similar content gets posted

Fediverse - all the projects using ActivityPub protocol

What if I wanted to see other Communities or Instances?

If you wanted for example see other communities I would suggest going to lemmyverse.net/communities and searching for your community. For example we will search for Hermitcraft a minecraft SMP server.
Image of the Lemmyverese communities
Then we will copy a link to the community and put it into a search bar on bookwormstory.social. To access it press magnifying glass in the top right corner. After we will press the "Search" button we need to wait 3-10 seconds. Worth noting that results will be populated by comments mentioning that community.
Image of the search bar
After that we should see an icon with the name of community and subscriber count from our instance. When we click the link to the community and it will direct us to the community page. On the right side or hidden under the "Sidebar" button there will be "Subscribe" button that will enable us to see new posts.
Image of the sidebar
Now we can comment, upvote and post in community that isn't hosted on bookwormstory.social. After subscribing to your community of choice, our instance will receive updates from subscribed communities and will display posts under subscribed tab on the front page. Please note that currently comments take a while to load (5-15 min).

Hey there's a bug!

Due to software being in practically alpha state there is a lot of bugs so please report them to @Neshura@bookwormstory.social or to @ludrol@bookwormstory.social

What if I have more questions?

You can ask them in the comments or in FAQ post

Different look for Lemmy

You can use alternative look on this instance by going to photon.bookwormstory.social or old.bookwormstory.social
Try them out, and see if you like them.

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Gaen (by Hxxg) (files.catbox.moe)
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Artist: Hxxg | twitter | danbooru

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A.I. Is Making the Sexual Exploitation of Girls Even Worse::Parents, schools and our laws need to catch up to technology, fast.

FFmpeg Explorer (ffmpeg.lav.io)
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Really cool being able to see the status with the lights. And the cool dialup sound of course.

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In 2019, the World Bank said that the Belt and Road Initiative connects far-reaching rural regions in the global south with economic opportunities and cheaper goods.

Yet an analysis by the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy notes that this praise often comes from autocratic countries that are pursuing projects Western financiers have deemed too risky, particularly amid armed conflict in Myanmar and Pakistan.

Critics point to Sri Lanka, which took on large amounts of debt, especially from China. When it struggled to repay that debt, it ended up giving Beijing control of a strategic port in Colombo.

In the U.S., annual reports to Congress on U.S.-China Commercial Relations call out the initiative as destabilizing the world by compromising national sovereignty and expanding the use of surveillance technology.

Australia, a member of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance alongside Canada, kiboshed two BRI deals struck by one of its states in 2021, saying vaguely that they were “inconsistent with Australia’s foreign policy or adverse to our foreign relations.”

Italy and Albania once signed onto the BRI, but withdrew from the BRI last year, arguing it did not yield economic benefits.

The Canada West Foundation says the initiative is already affecting how Canadian companies and development projects operate in countries ranging from Indonesia to Nigeria.

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Not sure why Namari introduced them as Mr and Mrs Tansu in the anime, as Tansu is one of their first names in the manga? Not sure where there's a mistranslation or change here.

No way (midwest.social)

Heffalump Hackerz - Woozle Wizards - NIST Quantum Cryptography

Enjoy some humor regarding 'quantum hysteria' and 'quantum scaremongering'.

Quick expert critique of quantum computers and quantum cryptography:
On the Heffalump Threat (short single-page essay)

Short 3-minute video (aptly portrays quantum hysteria)

#NIST #cryptography #cryptology #encryption #heffalump #woozle #quantumcomputers #quantumcryptography #quantum #bigtech


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At a meeting of EU ambassadors on Wednesday, no majority could be established for the law, which had been previously agreed, due to Berlin and Rome’s last-minute objections reflecting concerns that the new legislation would hurt their industrial base.

The aim of the due diligence law is for companies to take responsibility for any human rights abuses or environmental damage found in their supply chains. It would also enable campaigners to take businesses to court for harm they cause.

Xinjiang, where the Chinese government has been accused of using forced labour and ordering the mass detention of local Uyghurs, has become a significant issue for German chemical maker BASF and carmaker Volkswagen. Both companies have come under intense criticism from human rights activists and investors for their plants in the region. Beijing denies repressing the Uyghurs.


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Aniwatch has officially rebranded to HiAnime

Israeli Disinformation: Al-Ahli Hospital (forensic-architecture.org)
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On 17 October 2023, a devastating explosion took place in the car park of the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City. The Gaza Health Ministry reported that 471 people were killed and 342 injured, with US intelligence agencies estimating between 100 and 300 casualties.

The trajectory shows the missile was launched from outside Gaza, near to a known Israeli missile launch site that is part of its ‘Iron Dome’ air defence system. The shape of the missile’s trajectory, turning twice in mid-air, again suggests that this is a guided Israeli interceptor, rather than a Palestinian rocket which would follow the arc of a ballistic trajectory.

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Nobody reads this far down right? I'll just shill for J-Novel Club a bit because I love that they sell DRM free Ebooks. Go buy the series from their website.

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